The Emil Kubek Project

View of Mahanoy City’s West End (c. 1930).
Courtesy of the Mahanoy Area Historical Society.

The Emil Kubek Project is a scholarly resource dedicated to researching and publishing the history of the Slavic and Eastern European communities in Pennsylvania’s Coal Region. The project was created in the summer of 2015 by professor Nick Kupensky (Comparative Humanities & Russian Studies, Bucknell University) and Erin Frey, ’17 (Comparative Humanities, English, & Economics, Bucknell University) and was supported by a Coal Region Field Station Grant through ActionResearch@Bucknell, Bucknell’s program in Comparative Humanities, and the Mahanoy Area Historical Society.

The project is named in honor of Father Emil Kubek (1857-1940), a resident of Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania, who was an amateur agronomist, accomplished lexicographer, beloved priest, and prolific writer of journalism, poetry, short stories, and the first Carpatho-Rusyn novel Marko Šoltys. As a prominent cultural and spiritual leader of the Carpatho-Rusyn community in Mahanoy City, Father Kubek exemplified the qualities of a humanist in every sense of the word. As such, the Emil Kubek Project embodies the spirit of its namesake by providing insight into the art, economics, history, literature, and religion of the Coal Region’s Slavic and Eastern European immigrant communities and their enduring legacy today.

Ongoing Projects

  • The Emil Kubek Digital Archive
    Read the work by Emil Kubek in Carpatho-Rusyn and in new English translations by Nick Kupensky. Research secondary sources about Emil Kubek in English, Carpatho-Rusyn, Slovak, and Ukrainian.
  • West End Walking Tour
    Discover Emil Kubek’s Mahanoy City through the poetry and prose of its most prolific author.

4 thoughts on “The Emil Kubek Project

  1. My Great Grandmother was Margaret Gudd, the owner of Gudd’s cafe. Nice to find this resource. If you want some rare pictures, I have a few that the Mahanoy City Historical commission doesn’t have.


  2. Emil Kubek was also my great grandfather & feeling nostalgic about my family I came upon this project. How wonderful to share this. I remember the wonderful times we spent in the Rectory when visiting from California with all our cousins. It will always be forever a great memory. The old soda fountain, Adolph’s butcher shop.


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