Paul Robert Magocsi and Valerii Padiak Visit Mahanoy City

Kubek Trading Cards
Emil Kubek trading cards published by the V. Padiak Publishing House.

On November 18, 2015, the Kubek Project and the Mahanoy Area Historical Society hosted Professor Paul Robert Magocsi (University of Toronto) and Professor Valerii Padiak (University of Prešov, Slovakia) in Mahanoy City. Professor Magocsi was one of the first scholars to analyze the work of Emil Kubek in his essay “Rusyn-American Literature” (1978), and Professor Padiak teaches a course on Kubek’s work in the Institute for Rusyn Language and Culture at the University of Prešov. Professor Padiak also commissioned a new portrait of Kubek by V. Skakandyi and included Kubek in a series of trading cards featuring the 100 most influential Carpatho-Rusyns.

Professors Magocsi and Padiak toured the Mahanoy Area Historical Society, West Railroad Street, St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church, John Žinčak Smith’s Mansion, and St. Mary’s Cemetery. Ron Andruscavage (WVIA) filmed the visit for a documentary he is making on Kubek’s life an work.

MP - Padiak Reading - 1
Valerii Padiak (University of Prešov, Slovakia) reads Kubek’s “No! We Won’t Die!” in St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church for the camera. Professor Paul Robert Magocsi (University of Toronto), left, and Nick Kupensky (Yale University), right, also speak about Kubek’s importance as a writer. Photograph by Paul Coombe (2015).

The highlight of the tour for the guests was undoubtedly John Žinčak Smith’s mansion, where its owners Michael Cheslock and Gary Senavites discussed how they have preserved the memory of the Smith family.

MP - Smith's - 1
Professor Magocsi discusses Carpatho-Rusyn history with Nick Kupensky (Yale University), Peg Grigalonis (Mahanoy Area Historical Society), Gary Senavites and Michael Cheslock (owners of the Smith Mansion). Photograph by Paul Coombe (2015).



One thought on “Paul Robert Magocsi and Valerii Padiak Visit Mahanoy City

  1. The Kubeck Project. was a wonderful event. It highlighted the time of father Kubek as pastor of St. Mary’s Byzantine Church and shed insight to his spirit as well as his love for the church, Mahanoy City and his people.

    It also brought new attention to John Z. Smith, his friendship with Father Kubek and his love for the church as well. John Z smith had strong loyalty for his Rusyn people and was very active in business and social activities that served such purpose. His home stands proud in Mahanoy City as a tribute to the accomplished man and cultured person he was.


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