The Kubek Project at Yale

On December 8, 2015, Nick Kupensky presented his work on the Kubek Project at Yale’s Аспирантский кружок over wine, cheese, and pizza. In her announcement for the event, Dasha Ezerova writes:

Nick Kupensky will be presenting his current book project on the Rusyn writer Emil Kubek. Nick is currently adapting a digital walking tour he developed over the summer into a more intellectually robust literary biography that will include a number of his translations of Kubek’s poetry and short stories. […] We will be discussing the modifications that can be made for adapting it into a book manuscript as well as whether the project in general should be a more conventional biography (from cradle to grave) or whether the basic narrative arc of the website would work in a print format. The book, as Nick envisions it right now, will be in two parts: the first part is a literary biography of Kubek, the second part will be Nick’s translations of his poetry and short stories.

After a brief introduction to Kubek’s role within the Carpatho-Rusyn literary canon, the group discussed other examples of place-based literary biographies that could serve as models for the book tentatively entitled Emil Kubek and Mahanoy City: The American Life of a Carpatho-Rusyn Writer.


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