“A Farewell Banquet Given to Rev. Kubek”

F. C. Von Hausen, Lady with Red Hair

“A Farewell Banquet Given to Rev. Kubek”

Last evening the choir of St. Mary’s R. C. Church under the leadership of Prof. Geo. Pawlush, tendered Rev. Fr. Kubek, the beloved pastor of the church a farewell party prior to his departure today with his son-in-law [T]. C. Von Hausen, a noted painter of Christmas Cove, Maine, for Miami, Florida.

The choir, together with numerous friends which included Monsignor Joseph Zuck, D.D., of McAdoo, Rev. Stephen Petrick, of St. Clair, who will succeed temporarily substituting Rev. Kubek, during his absence, and Rev. John Kovel, of St. Clair, assembled in the spacious hall where a banquet was tendered [by] the guest and members of this brilliant singing organization.

With the guests all seated the choir which is without doubt one of the finest singing organizations in these parts rendered very ably several selections after which Michael Belovercik, in a few well chosen words presented the Reverend gentleman with a fountain pen.

Rev. Kubek responded thanking the choir for their kindly thought and expressing a most gratifying wish for their success until his return from the southern trip.

At the banquet table John Smith, one of the influential members of the church and a close friend of Rev. Kubek spoke to his people in a very able way which was highly enjoyed by all present as Mr. Smith’s remarks were well received.

Joseph Sweet, a fine gentleman, president of the choir, made a short address. Mr. Sweet is one of Mahanoy City’s substantial citizens and his short talk was very opportune.

During the progress of the banquet Director Pawlush, had his boys and girls sing several selections which were finely rendered and highly appreciated. Prof. Pawlush is a born leader and loves the work, never tires and has given to St. Mary’s Church, a splendid choir.

Rev. Kubek, pastor of St. Mary’s Church is a wonderful character, a true type of manhood and a loveable Christian gentleman. Forty-five years a priest, twenty-one of these years spent in Mahanoy City and this is his first vacation.

It happened this way – his son-in-law, [F]. C. Von Hausen, together with his wife, arrived in town from Maine motoring on their way to Miami, stopping off for a short visit to Rev. Kubek and other friends.

Rev. Kuvek was invited to make the remainder of the journey and hurriedly arranged affairs and today accompanies Mr. and Mrs. [F.] C. Von Hausen on their auto trip to the south where Mr. Von Hausen will open a studio and where artist Von Hausen expects to paint his best pictures this coming year.

The entire affair was quickly planned and the much needed vacation of Father Kubek which began this morning, will be enjoyed by himself and party and the best wishes of his congregation go with him on the journey.

During his absence the church and parishioners will be looked after and cared for by Rev. Stephen Petrick of St. Clair, who by the way is a collector of rare coins, displaying last evening several among which was a twenty-five cent gold piece.

He is a very affable gentleman and no doubt will enjoy his short stay in town.

The committee in charge of the affair were John Roman and John Sweet, who very ably looked after every want of the large crowd present.

The members of the choir under the leadership of Prof. Pawlush are as follows:

Joe Sweet Sr., Joe Sweet Jr., Mike Belovescik, Mike Berash, George Sabol, Andro Petruska, Joe Gnall, George Koropchalk, John Sweet, Mike Roman, Steve Koval, John Gnall, director of choir, Anna Birosh, Anna Stremba, Mary Birosh, Helene Stremba, Helene Strambo, Mary Bell, Anna Bell, Mary Gramata, Anna Gramata, Ellen Biaus, Clara Krazinski, Marie Lesko, Helene Miskar, Helen Lowati, Betty Sisak, Helen Sabol, Olga Durilla, Anna Labun, Julia Conamo, Mary Kohan, Mary Batchik, Mary Gullek, Mrs. Pawlush.

Others who were present were: John Smith, president American Banking Trust Company, Michael Hutnyan, Joe Kravetz, Michael Sisak, John Sisak, Steven Dadivjak and James H. Kirchner.


  • “A Farewell Banquet Given to Rev. Kubek,” Record American (December 15, 1925).


See St. Mary’s Rectory on the West End Walking Tour for more information about Kubek’s trip to Florida.


F. C. Von Hausen. Born in Dresden, Germany, and trained at the Vienna Royal Academy, F. C. Von Hausen was an accomplished portrait artist who painted the rich and famous of Palm Beach. The article incorrectly identifies him as F. C. VonHausen.


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