“A Mother’s Love”

“The Patronage of Our Lady” in St. Mary’s Church.

A Mother’s Love
By Emil Kubek

The first son arrived to visit her grave;
In a hole in the earth his mother now sleeps,
He asks and he begs for her to awake:
“Oh, Mother wake up, and come home with me,
I have a beautiful wife, as calm as a dove,
And wonderful kids, like flowers in May,
Oh, mother of ours, whom we showered with love,
How happy we’d be if you’d join us today.”
All is quiet, the earth falls silent…
And mother keeps on sleeping.

The second son came by horse to her grave,
And was handsomely dressed in a new tailored suit.
“Oh, mother wake up, and see what you’ve made.
I pulled myself up from the straps of my boots!
I’m the tsar’s right hand man, every battle I’ve won,
And the princes and counts bow before me,
Oh mother, get up, be proud of your son,
Come and share in my riches and glory!”
All is quiet, the earth falls silent…
And mother keeps on sleeping.

The smallest son came in old tattered clothes,
With tears in his eyes and cold pale cheeks.
He cried on her grave: “Oh mother of mine,
The depth of my sadness has made my heart weak;
I’ve searched far and wide for love – but in vain,
I’ve starved, and I’ve froze living out in the rain,
Oh mother get up, bring an end to my pain!”
The coffin opened, and at that moment,
She was risen from the dead.


Translated by Nick Kupensky


  • E. A. Kubek, “Materinskaja l’ubov: narodnaja povist’,” Den’ (January 5, 1923): 3.
  • o. Emil Kubek, “Materinskaja l’ubov,” Vozhd’ | The Leader (1930): 2.

For more information about Marian themes in Kubek’s work, visit Inside St. Mary’s.

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