“Adam in Paradise”

Mural of the Expulsion from the Garden of Eden by Anthony Kubek (1931).
St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church.


“Adam in Paradise”
By Emil Kubek

In the beginning, the world was at peace,
But Adam soon grew tired of his life at ease.
There was nothing to do. He lived all alone.
But is boredom a reason to gripe and moan?
God saw this and thought, “Poor Adam of mine,
I know what you need to get back in line.”
God put Adam to sleep,
And took one of his ribs.
He then made a woman
And put her with him…
Adam awoke and was surprised he was sleeping
He rubbed both of his eyes: could he still be dreaming?
He was startled, astonished, amazed, and in awe
At the miraculous beauty of what he then saw.
He once dreamt of angels
And heard heavenly music,
But his wildest dreams
Weren’t as fine as this woman,
This loveliest lady. She must be his wife,
For she stood there and stared with the most tender eyes.
Her hair flowed like a sheet
Her white figure was flawless…
Ecstatic, Adam praised God
And then called upon him.
“My God, my God, take all of my bones!
Bring me more of these women to live in my home!”
But God knowingly smiled
And responded, as if to a child:
“Patience is best, Adam,
Wait a fortnight or two,
But if you insist,
your wish will come true…”
. . . . . . . . . .
A week passed by, then a month, then a year.
And every night Adam prayed, with trembling and fear:
“Have mercy on me, God! Help a sinner find peace!
The world was perfect before you made Eve!
I was mistaken! There’s nothing I lack!
I’ll do whatever you say, just put my rib back!”

Translated by Nick Kupensky.


  • E. Kubek, “Adam vo raji,” Den’ (January 22, 1923): 2.