“Glory to Our Father Kubek”

“Glory to Our Father Kubek”
By George Gulanich

The editorial staff of our magazine [Uchitel’ Educator] received the following letter from the well-known American Rusyn, Father Emilii A. Kubek.

* * *

Uchitel - March 1932
Cover of the March 1932 edition of Uchitel’ | Educator.

Honorable Mr. Heor. Gulanich,
To the Editor of Educator
Chicago, Ill.

My Dear Brother –

I looked through the second number of the Educator with curiosity, and pleasurably set down this necessary and good newspaper.

“Better late than never!”

Permit me, Mr. Editor, a small note, for I don’t want to overwhelm you with advice, because I’m not justified in doing this.

Don’t allow any type of polemics to appear in Educator, in particular the personal or insulting types.

Correct, as much as you can, the uneven road of understanding with the priesthood, for people in the future. (In Educator #2, page 13, “A Good Example for Our Parishes.”)

The subscription for this year I am sending to the name of the head of accounts.

Please allow me one more comment:

The church committee, at the same time as the consecration of the new church and rectory (November 26, 1931) secretly organized a banquet for the 50th anniversary of my ordination – I only learned about this three days before, otherwise I wouldn’t have allowed it – a choir of cantors from the Scranton area brought me unimaginable happiness not only because of their beautiful singing at the banquet but also because of their precious gift in the name of all education. I wasn’t in a state to thank them at the time, so here in your magazine I want publicly to send my most heartfelt thanks to you, gentlemen cantors and brothers: God bless!

With deep respect:

Emilij A. Kubek.

 * * *

Our American cantors thank Father Kubek from the bottom of our heart for his letter, in which much kindness and wise, serious, and good advice is found. In his life Father Kubek has done so much that is wholesome and good for his Carpatho-Rusyn people. His golden writings have enriched our literature. He really is the greatest, most remarkable, and most popular writer in our American Rus’. We can compare his works in their literary value with the writings of the world-renowned Hungarian writer Mikszáth*, who wrote – on the large part – from the life of the people, in the vernacular language, in an easy, humorous style. Likewise, Father Kubek in his works almost always takes up his people and one can feel his great love for the people in every of his words.

Father Kubek loves us cantors. He loves our progress. He loves our magazine. We ought to be thankful for the love of such a valuable person, and we ought to express our thanks by trying to work towards raising the cultural level of our Carpatho-Rusyn people in the way that he has worked. Let him be an example for us!


Translated by Nick Kupensky.



  • “Slava Našemu Otcu Kubeku!” Uchitel’ | Educator (March 1932): 5-6.


Uchitel’ | Educator was the official publication of the Russian (Rusyn) Greek Catholic Teachers’ Association of the U.S.A. The magazine appeared monthly and was published in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. It was edited by George Gulanich of Chicago, Illinois.

Mikszáth. Kálmán Mikszáth de Kiscsoltó (1847-1910) was a Hungarian author who often wrote about peoples located in Hungarian borderlands.