Kubek: Bibliography

Page from Kubek’s Church Slavonic-Hungarian-Russian-German Dictionary (1906).

The Emil Kubek Bibliography

The Emil Kubek Bibliography is a comprehensive list of all the works by and about Emil Kubek. The Mahanoy Area Historical Society has copies of the majority of texts cited in the bibliography. Also included here are other works about the Carpatho-Rusyns, Mahanoy City, and the Slavs of the Coal Region.

By Emil Kubek


  • Rev. E. Kubek, “Autobiographia,” Vozhd’ The Leader (February 1, 1930): 3-5, 6-9.
  • Emil Kubek, [“Autobiography”] (1938) in “Rev. Kubek Painted Humorous Self-Sketch,” St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church, Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania: Its History and Its People ([1991]), np.


  • Emil Kubek, Staroslavianskii-uhorskii-russkii-nimetskii slovar’ k sviashchenomu pysaniiu (1906):


  • Emil Kubek, Marko Šoltys (1915/1923). In Rusyn.


Short Stories

  • Emil Kubek, “Easter Gift” (1922/1931). Translated by Louis Sanjek with annotations by Nick Kupensky and Erin Frey.
  • Emil Kubek, “Palko Rostoka” (1922). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “Merry Christmas” (1930). In Rusyn.

About Emil Kubek

Newspaper Articles

  • “Iz moei podorozhi,” Postup (The Progress) (November 19, 1908).
  • “Farewell Banquet Given to Rev. Kubek,” Record American (December 15, 1925).
  • “Rev. Kubek, of St. Mary’s Greek Church, Dies Today,” Record American (July 18, 1940).

Secondary Sources

About the Carpatho-Rusyns of Mahanoy City

Early Ethnographic Studies

Newspaper Articles

  • “Iz Mahanoi Citi, PA: Nash pan predseda,” Postup (The Progress) (November 19, 1908).
  • “Rev. A. E. Kubek Sponsors Art Exhibit Here,” Record American (November 29, 1930).

Other Works Cited by the Emil Kubek Project

Newspaper Articles

  • Margaret Bourke-White, “Hard Coal,” Fortune 2 (1931).

Historical Sources

  • Paul Robert Magocsi, Our People: Carpatho-Rusyns and Their Descendents in North America (Toronto: Multicultural History Society of Ontario, 1984).
  • Paul Robert Magocsi, “Carpatho-Rusyn Americans,” in Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America, Volume 1, ed. Rudolph J. Vecoli, et. al. (New York: Gale Research Inc., 1995).



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