Kubek: Archive

Page from Kubek’s Church Slavonic-Hungarian-Russian-German Dictionary (1906).

The Emil Kubek Digital Archive

The Emil Kubek Digital Archive transcribes, translates, and digitally publishes work by and about Emil Kubek. Follow the Kubek Blog for updates about when new texts are added to the archive. For access to hard copies of these materials, visit the Mahanoy Area Historical Society.

I. By Emil Kubek


  • Emil Kubek, “Letter to the Editor [of Amerikansky Russky Viestnik]” (1904). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “A Few Remarks on the Question of a Greek Catholic Bishopric in America” (1904). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “Letter to the Editor [of Svoboda]” (1906). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “Our Ancestral Curse” (1909). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “The Reasons for Lack of Success” (1911). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “Our Father” (1911/1917). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “A Reconsideration of Mr. John Smolnyckij and co. from McKeesport, Pa.” (1916/1917)
  • Emil Kubek, “Does It Always Have to Be This Way?” (1919). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, [“Letter to Michail Yuhasz”] (1929). In Rusyn.


  • Emil Kubek, Olga: A Scene from the Life of the American-Rusyn People in Two Acts with Songs (n.d.). In Rusyn.



  • Emil Kubek, “My Journey to Florida” (1926). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “Autobiography” (1930). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, [“Autobiography”] (1938).


  • Emil Kubek, Marko Šoltys (1915 [1923]). In Rusyn.


Short Stories

  • Emil Kubek, “The Great Son” (1912). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “Father Alexis: A Tale” (1915). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “Mykluš Mylyj: A Tale from the Life of the People” (1916). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “After the Rain is Sun” (1920 [1922]). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “An Easter Gift” (1921 [1922]). Translated by Louis Sanjek with annotations by Nick Kupensky and Erin Frey.
  • Emil Kubek, “Palko Rostoka” (1922). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “A Meeting” (1922). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “God Promised Different Things to Different People” (1922). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “In What Age Is a Woman the Nicest and the Prettiest?” (1922). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “Murders, Barbarians – Heroes?” (1922). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “Fate” (1925). In Rusyn.
  • Emil Kubek, “Merry Christmas” (1930). Translated by Nick Kupensky.

II. About Emil Kubek


  • “The News,” Svoboda (December 22, 1904). In Rusyn.
  • “From My Journey,” Postup | The Progress (November 19, 1908). In Rusyn.
  • “Tag Day for Poor Rusins,” Record American (June 13, 1919).
  • “Joy Turned to Grief at Wedding,” Mount Carmel Item (August 5, 1919).
  • “Farewell Banquet Given to Rev. Kubek,” Record American (December 15, 1925).
  • “Father Kubek Owns Some Fine Paintings,” Record American (September 18, 1926).
  • Michail Yuhasz, “The Voice of One of Our Best Cultural Workers,” American Rusyn Messenger (January 17, 1929). In Rusyn.
  • Josif Perovič, “Preface [to Kubek’s ‘Autobiography’],” Vozhd’ The Leader (February 1930): 3-4.
  • “Greek Catholic Church Congregation Plans Dual Celebration Tomorrow,” Record American (November 25, 1931).
  • “Dual Celebration Was Held by Members of St. Mary’s Greek Catholic Church,” Record American (November 27, 1931).
  • George Gulanich, “Glory to Our Father Kubek,” Uchitel’ | Educator (March 1932): 5-6.
  • “Rev. Kubek, of St. Mary’s Greek Church, Dies Today,” Record American (July 18, 1940).
  • “Parting Words Spoken by Father Nicholas Elko at the Funeral Services of Reverend Emil Kubek,” American Russian Sokol (July 25, 1940): 1.
  • “Very Reverend Father E. Kubek Has Passed Away,” American Rusyn Messenger (August 1, 1940): 1.

Secondary Sources

III. About the Carpatho-Rusyns of Mahanoy City

Newspaper Articles

  • “A New Paper,” Tri-Weekly Record (March 19, 1892).
  • “A Wonderful Church Celebration in Mahanoy City, PA,” Amerikansky Russky Viestnik | American Rusyn Messenger (August 22, 1895). In Rusyn.
  • “From Mahanoy City, PA: Our Chairman,” Postup | The Progress (November 19, 1908).
  • “Look! Look!” Record American (March 22, 1921).
  • “Town’s Youngest Bank Opens Its Doors to the Public This Morning,” Record American (January 2, 1923).
  • “Famous Painter is Relative of Rev. Kubek,” Record American (October 23, 1923).
  • “Smith Family Continue Tour Around World,” Record American (January 8, 1929).
  • “Greek Priest Assigned Here Talented Painter,” Record American (February 4, 1930).
  • “Local Priest Completes Big Church Mural,” Record American (June 6, 1930).
  • “Rev. A. E. Kubek Sponsors Art Exhibit Here,” Record American (November 29, 1930).
  • “John Smith, Local Banker, Dies Friday,” Record American (January 16, 1942).

IV. About Carpatho-Rusyns

Secondary Sources

  • Paul Robert Magocsi, Our People: Carpatho-Rusyns and Their Descendents in North America (Toronto: Multicultural History Society of Ontario, 1984).
  • Paul Robert Magocsi, “Carpatho-Rusyn Americans,” in Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America, Volume 1, ed. Rudolph J. Vecoli, et. al. (New York: Gale Research Inc., 1995).
  • Paul Robert Magocsi, With Their Backs to the Mountains: A History of Carpathian Rus’ and Carpatho-Rusyns (New York: Central European University Press, 2015).


V. About the Mahanoy Area


Early Ethnographic Studies

Secondary Studies


VI. Other Sources

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